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Luxury villas
in the center of Alanya, Turkey for 399.000 EUR

Turkey, in center of Alanya,
for 399.000 eur

Unique offer at two year old prices

Turkish residence permit is included in the price

Invest now, move in a year from now

Prepayment of 60%. Installment for 12 months

The villas are located on their own plot of land

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m2 plot of each villa


m2 total villa area (net)


m2 outdoor terraces and balconies

Open parking area

Personal swimming pool

Private passenger elevator

Video intercom and CCTV cameras

Own power generator

Fiber optic internet



Optimal economic approach

Our company has developed an optimal economic approach in construction, which allows you to reduce the cost of housing without losing its quality


New construction scheme

This is a completely new scheme in the Turkish construction market, that only we are using today


Unique offer for investors

The cost of our villas is 35% LOWER than the market - this means that Investors will be able to realize this object within 1 year with a guaranteed profit of 40%.


Minimum time for villa construction

The construction period from the start of concrete pouring to the end of finishing work in all villas will be 12-14 months


Realize your dream of living by the sea

For end buyers our offer is simply unparalleled! You get a great opportunity to buy a liquid villa for permanent residence and for vacation at a unique price of two years ago!


Residence permit of Turkey

When buying a villa, you become the owner of a Turkish residence permit, which will allow you and your family members to stay in the territory of the Turkish Republic for an unlimited amount of time!

We are changing the usual approach to construction in Turkey!

Build the villa of your dreams

Live where you are sure to love it. Leave a request and we will call you back

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Technical specifications of the villa

The houses will be built using block technology with a reinforced metal frame to ensure high seismic resistance.

Finishing of each villa

Installation of kitchens and furniture in sanitary units

Selection and installation of furniture, appliances, accessories for your interior

Private plots with finished landscaping, planting and illumination

The territory of the settlement will be fenced, illuminated and equipped with video surveillance cameras and automatic barriers

What does the villa look like?

Price and payment terms


159 600 €

Minimum contribution to start construction

Price of the villa

from 399 000 €

Basic configuration with finishing


For 12 month

No additional % and overpayments

The benefits are obvious

Prices for detached villas in this region start from 500,000 €.

On Tepe and Bektash, Alanya's most prominent and luxurious locations, prices start from 650,000 €.

In the framework of our project Investors will be able to realize this object within 1-1.5 years with a profit of 40%, and end buyers get a great opportunity to buy a liquid real estate in Alanya, in the segment of villas.


The "Prime Invest" company is the result of a long and successful work that began more than five years ago. Our journey began with creating a channel on YouTube, where we shared knowledge about life in the city of Alanya, Turkey, and helped people interested in this place.

Over time, our passion for Alanya and our deep understanding of the local real estate market led to the creation of a successful real estate agency where we have helped hundreds of people purchase housing and invest in real estate. We are proud that we were able to help our investors close hundreds of cases with huge returns!

After two years of active activity in the real estate sector, we decided to take the next step and created a new company - «Prime Invest».

Now our main goal is Building and investment in real estate. We build the most promising properties and provide investment opportunities that bring stable income to our investors!

Why us?

We have the most popular telegram channel in Alanya, where we provide current news and events both in the city and in Turkey as a whole.

It continues its work, and we regularly release informative videos about life in Alanya and investment opportunities.

Construction of luxury villas in Turkey

Our company has reached a new level by starting to engage in construction, offering investors even more unique opportunities.

Join us if you are ready to jointly open new horizons in the world of real estate and investment!


Our project will, without exaggeration, be the most favorable in terms of quality, pricing, views and location in the entire Anatolian region.

Take advantage of this opportunity now and enjoy your decision tomorrow.

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By clicking «Leave a request», you give your consent to the processing of your personal data.


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